How to install games with SD files

How to install games with SD files -

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ragnarok Online The Rebellion of Valkyrie for Android APK Download

There is a new Ragnarok Online MMORPG for Android(and IPhone) made in Korea by Gravity(NEOCYON) made in Japan by Gungho which is not able to play outside Japan)(this is not the same game!!)

Ragnarok Online Rebellion of Valkyrie is a cross-platformer and playable by android and iphone users at the same servers
Android : 
- Game is finally released (you can create your own account ingame with this version)

since 2012-august-07 the game is also available in the Google Play Store

(2012-09-13,1.1.2 english patched thx to AndROTeam)

>>>DOWNLOAD<<<(english alpha thx to MirageBlader and acocalypso)
Note : if u have any other version installed , plz uninstall before install this apk

>>>DOWNLOAD<<<(korean original)

>>>DOWNLOAD(mirror)<<<(korean original)


at start screen use the pen-symbol

press accept 2X to agree terms of use (the usual blah blah u know)

now u have to fill with your 
-e-mail(no one cares if its yours but it have to be an Mail-address)
-password again
(note that u have to click enter on your virtual-keyboard between each input)

then just click the register button and if everything works well you can login now at the start screen!


-There is already a well done translation to several languages thanks to MirageBlader



Update: 7/12/2012
Ok here is the latest version of RO:RoV
Aptoide Repo Updated!
Please use ur Aptoide app

Its version 1.0.1 with patch 1.2.1.

Change-log of RO [Unofficial]
All upper skills has been added to the APK
(Stormgust, Resurrection, Two-Hand Quicken...)
I dunno if they work... on my next jlvl i will know it.

3 New maps (on the world-map, north/east corner)
small bugs fixes
UI Fixes
The registration bug has been fixed
and more...

Patch 1.2.1
Compatibility to 1.0.1
Updated banners for 1.0.1
small bug fixes

!!!!READ THIS!!!!
Its the pre-release!
If its not work pls wait until dbaf14 or acocalypso has released the modded version.
With this u can play and its patched not more!

Credits goes to MirageBlader / dbaf14 / Acocalypso
Spezial thanks to Andrew08 / ManiaDA


  1. is Valkyrie Rebellion for iOS available to America or just in Asia?


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